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Welcome to the official site of Fermilab's Society of Philosophy! At this time we will be posting general information here and announcements to the mailing list, the address of which you can find at the bottom of this page. We have also a blog space, where you can post comments and be even more up-to-date, here: fermisocietyofphilosophy.wordpress.com

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The word philosophy originates in “love for wisdom”, and as any love feels the need for its subject, this one imparts the need for wisdom. This feeling is known to those who wonder at the world and humanity and through this wonder are revealed a lack of understanding of the whole of being. In this experience one can seek wisdom, enjoy its discoveries, and find happiness in sharing them. It is for this we are starting the Fermilab Society of Philosophy.

Philosophy and science have always been in a close relationship with each other. As a branch of the Pythagorean tree, science is giving it new growth by opening new horizons. Various philosophical teachings suggest their own controversial answers to questions about science: about its place in human cognition, about its meaning and values. Thus, a study of philosophy allows us to deepen our vision of science in its cultural, existential, epistemological, metaphysical, and other dimensions.

We have no need to convince each other of anything, no need to win arguments, but we strive to take each thought to its most clear expression out of the love for thought itself. In this spirit we take our part with respect to our differences: political, religious, ethnic–any and all. We come not for polemic victories, but for the collaborative search for truth. It is good when our ideas are accepted, but maybe it is even better when they are critically considered and refuted. We are open to critique because we are not wise but are searching for wisdom and because, like nothing else, friendly criticism can help in this endeavor. With these things in mind we appreciate any and all who share our love for σοφία, so dear to us yet so far from us all.

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